Just a random married couple in Texas doing random stuff and talking about it. Nerd stuff, movies, politics, pop culture, our semi-charmed life, and animals

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Just a random married couple, Trevor and Kennidi in Texas doing random stuff and talking about it. They love to talk about nerd stuff (like Star Wars), Movies, TV, Politics, Pop Culture. Listen to their semi-charmed life and love for animals.

About Trevor:

Trevor, originally from Columbus, Ohio was a little culture shocked when he moved to Texas to be with his wife. This Star Wars lover has adapted to the Texas life and loves living in country.

About Kennidi:

Kennidi has ran two other podcast and appeared on Feast Of Fun in Chicago numerous times before dabbling in podcasting. She is an outspoken Leo, who loves pop culture, movies and tv. Kennidi is a Texas native but has lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Vegas.



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